Public Relations

ResacaFest 5K Run/Walk

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The mission of the Public Relations Division of the City of San Benito is to assist in the promotion of city-sponsored events which contribute to the economic, civic and cultural betterment of the city.
The Department:
  • Prepares/disseminates public information ranging from print, broadcast             web-based outlets
  • Maintains a portion of the City of San Benito website and Official City Facebook site.
  • Acts as liaison between the City Manager’s Office and Special Events Board which produces ResacaFest, Christmas Parade & the Community Christmas in the Park
  • Facilitates media relations and promotions
  • Produces monthly Calendar of Events and Newsletter, and weekly Resaca City Page in the local newspaper
  • Is involved in coordinating community cultural and entertainment activities
  • Acts as liaison between City Manger's Office and the Veterans’  Advisory Board which produces Memorial Day and Silent March of Veterans, and Veterans Day and March of Veterans
  • Assists  the development of cultural and recreational programs for the City.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the City Manager.