The Utilities Organizational Unit consists of two separate departments, water and wastewater. Each department is composed of three divisions and they are all dedicated to quality service, production and efficiency.



  • Lift Stations
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Wastewater Maintenance

Utilities Duties

With a wide range of functions, utilities is charged with the following routine duties:

  • Producing quality water for the citizens and business community
  • Repairing water and sewer line breaks
  • Installing new water and sewer lines
  • Installing and reading water meters
  • Purchasing materials for each of the above divisions
  • Maintaining and repairing manholes and lift stations
  • Operating the sewer treatment plant following strict governmental standards


The goal of the Utilities Department is to provide high quality water and wastewater services to current and future customers through good management while adhering to all rules and regulations as stipulated by federal, state and local agencies.

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