Code Enforcement / Property Maintenance Division

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What Is a Code Enforcement Officer
A Code Enforcement Officer is there to ensure all city, state and federal laws and codes are followed, depending on the type of complaint. Many local governments employ officers whose job it is to enforce the regulations. The codes usually cover nuisance concerns and property maintenance. A code enforcement officer is informed about a possible violation through complaints, governmental agencies or by discovering the violation on his own.

What Powers Do They Have
The code enforcement officer has the authority to enforce the rules and regulations. Normally, they would contact property owners who are in violation of the codes, inform them of the nature of the violations and what must be done to correct them. The contact is accomplished via telephone calls, mail or personal visits, and the officer is required to
provide written documents that detail the infractions and ways to address them. If the property owner fails to correct the violation, the Code Enforcement officer has the authority to correct the violation by other means, which could include citations, city clean-up and liens. 

Junk Examples
If you have unsightly junk on your property, a code enforcement officer can order you to remove it. Examples include, but are not limited to the following: 
  • Tall, overgrown grass
  • Unwanted debris or garbage that creates a nuisance
  • Brush piles
  • Junked or abandoned vehicles
  • Vehicle parking violations