Subdividing Land

The City of San Benito enforces the Subdivision Ordinance within the city and the extra-territorial Jurisdiction of five miles outside our city limits boundaries. Any person who owns or purchased a tract of land and wishes to obtain a building permit, might have to subdivide the property prior to the issuance of the permit. The subdivision process is required anytime someone divides a tract of land into two or more separate parcels.

Subdividing Land Process

Below is the process of subdividing land:

  • The property owner or person subdividing the property will have to hire an Engineer or a Registered Public Surveyor to submit a preliminary and final plat of the subdivision plan to the city for consideration.
  • Obtain and submit to the Planning Division a completed subdivision application along with ten preliminary and ten final plats and a $250 application fee.
  • Submit an Engineer’s Report with preliminary plat to include drainage plan and calculations.
  • Submit warranty deed on the property along with tax certificates for city (if applicable), school, and county.
  • A title report of a letter from an attorney indicating any liens on the property.
  • Letters from utility companies indicating the proposed subdivision plat has been reviewed and whether they can or cannot provide services.

Public Hearing

Once the submittal process is complete, a Technical Review Committee meeting will be set for the first Thursday of the month consisting of the utility companies, developer’s engineer, the city engineer, and the city staff to review the proposed plat. Any revisions recommended by the Technical Review Committee must be submitted to the Planning Department within a week from the review meeting to placed in the agenda packets for the following Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. If approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the plat is placed on the following City Commission meeting for their approval.

City Commission Requirements

Upon approval by the City Commission the following must be completed prior to recording the plat with the County Records:

  • The engineer representing the developer must provide a sepia for signatures by the Planning and Zoning Board
  • Commission chairman, mayor, city secretary, and city engineer
  • Submit the subdivision plat in a digitized format for the city’s map update
  • Utility and street improvement construction plans for approval
  • Failure of the developer or engineer to submit the above within one year of approval will result the subdivision plat to become null and void

Subdivision Signature Blocks