About the SWAT Team
The San Benito Police Department SWAT Team utilizes highly trained, highly skilled law enforcement tactical operators when called upon to assist in the resolution of critical incidents. The concept of the SWAT Team is to provide an organized structured response to critical, high risk situations which are beyond the capabilities of other departmental units. The primary characteristic of SWAT that distinguishes it from other units is the focus of effort. SWAT teams are focused on tactical solutions, as opposed to other functions, such as investigation.

The purpose of SWAT is to increase the likelihood of safely resolving critical incidents.

The San Benito Police Department SWAT Team consists of 12 members. A SWAT Captain serves as the tactical commander and there are two team leaders and nine tactical operators. The primary focus and responsibility of the team is for handling high risk search warrants, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, active shooter incidents, and any other situations that may need a highly trained unit to respond. The most important job of a SWAT Team is to save lives in dangerous situations.

SWAT Member Training
SWAT members are highly trained in several types of tactics. Members attend required training monthly and are required to qualify with weapons several times per year. Many of the SWAT Team members specialize in different areas such as Snipers (Sharp Shooters), Submachine Gun Operators, Breachers, Non- Lethal, etc.

Members of the SWAT Team have other full time assignments within the police department and are on call 24/7/365 and activated on a needed basis. The SWAT Team also provides special training to other members of the department.