1. City Commission Agendas & Minutes

    Review the City Commission agendas and minutes.

  2. Economic Development Corp Agendas and Minutes

  3. Planning And Zoning Agendas And Minutes

  4. Media Gallery

    View photos from the various events and programs in San Benito.

  5. San Benito Newsletter

    Download the latest and past versions of the city's newsletter.

  6. City Charter

  7. 2014 Annual Water Quality Report

    Updated 2014 Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

  8. Public Bids

    Public bids

  9. Monitoring and Reporting Public Notice

  10. Live Stream

    Live stream of city meetings. Provided by Swagit

  11. City Comprehensive & Parks Plans

    View the official San Benito Parks Master Plan in its entirety.