Posted on: November 8, 2017

“Helpful Tips for Water Consumption Monitoring”

The City of San Benito is responsible for water lines from right of ways and easements up to, and including, the water meter on your property. Lines that connect from the water meter, through the property and continue to the house/building, and interior, belong to the property owner. Installation, maintenance, repairs, and/or replacement of these lines are the responsibility of the property owner.

The City of San Benito recommends all property owners and residents do the following in order to monitor water consumption:

Check your water meter 3 times a month; at the beginning of the billing cycle, middle of the month, and end of the billing cycle. This will provide an idea of average consumption throughout the month.

Periodically check the lines in your house; turn off the water source (valve) at each point inside your residence (under the sinks, under the commode, refrigerator water/ice dispensers, washing machine, water heater). Once you have closed all the valves and are confident no water is running through these appliances, check the meter to see if it is still moving. If the meter stops moving, your water lines should not have any leaks. If the meter does not stop, water is moving through the lines somewhere on the property. Check exterior water sources (outside faucets, irrigation systems, etc…) to ensure they are not leaking. If outside faucets are not leaking and the meter has not stopped moving, turn off the shut off valve for your property. This valve should be either on the property side of the meter, or near the house/building. If the meter does not stop, this means water is going through the meter and through the lines somewhere on the property.

You can use the same concept detailed above if you want to check commode tank flappers. Shut off all water entry points (valves) except for the commode and check the meter. If the meter continues to move, you might have a defective flapper.

If you suspect the meter is not working or malfunctioning, you can request a, “meter check” by contacting the Utilities Department at (956) 361-3800, extension 210, 212, or 213. City crews will check the water meter and city line for breaks or any malfunctions. If you continue to experience increasing water consumption and city crews have determined no breaks or malfunctions with city equipment, you should consider hiring a Plumber to assess water lines underground and inside your house/building.

Water lines can be damaged by shifting, or settling, foundations, structures, and ground. They can also be damaged by underground root systems from trees and other plants.

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