City Administration

The city administration's role is to oversee operations by following the direction of the City Commission and by empowering city personnel to be effective, efficient and accountable.

Areas of Responsibilities

  • Practicing ethical, fair and accountable administrative leadership.
  • Maintaining a complete and accurate record of all city actions through the City Secretary’s Office.
  • Providing for a well organized personnel structure adhering to the established Personnel Policies and Procedures.
  • Tending to the needs of each employee through the Human Resource Office.
  • Maintaining public trust by keeping the public informed.

Office of Civil Service

Included in this department is the Office of Civil Service. This office assures that the city complies with Local Government Code 143 (Municipal Civil Service) in the personnel administration of police and fire classification and appointments, compensation practices, disciplinary actions, leaves, entry and promotional examinations and other statutory provisions. The Civil Service Office in coordination with the Personnel Division also facilitates employees and management services within the city’s two civil service divisions, Police and Fire.

Mission Statement

  • To effectively implement the policies and directives of the City Commission and
  • To maintain progressive leadership empowering city staff to provide quality service in a professional, cost effective and expedient manner for the citizens of San Benito.