Federal Grants & Programs (CDBG)

Federal Grants & Programs (CDBG) provides federal money to the City to help build a stronger and more resilient community. The Department realized a major transformation in 2013 as it evolved from the Community Development Block Grant Program into an entity with the defined goal of becoming a broader-based department with additional revenue streams to offer new services to the City of San Benito. Community Grants and Programs will continue to administer the San Benito Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), which funds local community development activities, public facilities, nonprofit assistance and infrastructure development. CDBG, like other block grant programs, differ from categorical grants made for specific purposes, in that they are subject to less federal oversight and are largely used at the discretion of the state and local governments and their subgrantees.

Meeting head-on the challenge of dealing with dwindling monies due to federal governmental regulation, the department is now seeking-out additional prospects in providing services and funding for city programs and public activities.

As such, this department strives to effectively identify, secure and manage federal, state, and local grant-funding opportunities that will promote an increased quality of life for the San Benito community.  It also serves as the City’s liaison with funding agencies and related entities, providing grant related guidance and support to all City Departments, and ensuring compliance with grant requirements. 
City of S.B. CDBG (49th Year Proposed One Year Plan - 7-7-23) 4x10