Public Relations


The mission of the Public Relations Division of the City of San Benito is to assist in the promotion of city activities and events which contribute to the economic, civic and cultural betterment of the city.

The Department:

  • Prepares/disseminates public information ranging from print, broadcast & web-based outlets
  • Maintains a portion of the City of San Benito website and Official City Facebook site.
  • Facilitates media relations and promotions
  • Produces monthly Calendar of Events and Newsletter
  • Acts as liaison between City Manger’s Office and the Veterans’ Advisory Board which produces Memorial Day and Silent March of Veterans, and Veterans Day and March of Veterans
  • Assists the development of cultural and recreational programs for the City.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the City Manager.

Contact Us

  1. Favila
    David Favila
    Public Relations Director

    City of San Benito

    401 N. Sam Houston Blvd.
    San Benito, TX 78586
    Phone: 956-361-3804 Ext. 301