Overdue Charges

Library Item Cost
Book (per day)   $0.50
Test Material   $1
Audio Cassettes   $0.50
Video   $0.50
Interlibrary Loan Materials   $1
Certified Letter for Overdue Material   $10

Damaged, Lost or Unreturned Material

Library Item  Cost
Video, Cassette, Book (plus price of purchase)   $5
Barcode Labels   $1
Interlibrary Loan Materials  (determined by lender)
Case Damage Video, Audio   $2
Library Card Replacement  $5
Video Placed in Book Drop   $1
Video Not Rewound   $1
Interlibrary Loan Postage   $2.50

Equipment Usage

Type of Equipment  Cost
Black and White Printouts  $0.25
Colored Printouts   $0.50
Fax (first page)
Fax, all other pages
Microfiche / Film Reader  $0.25