Schedule of Acceptable Fines

ViolationsFinesCourt CostsTotal
Right-of-way Violations
Ran stop sign$70.90$99.10$170
Ran red light$70.90$99.10$170
Improper turns$70.90$99.10$170
Fail to yield right-of-way$70.90$99.10$170
Unsafe lane change$70.90$99.10$170
Failure to drive in single lane$70.90$99.10$170
Illegal U-Turn (CIty Ord. #868)$70.90$99.10$170
Driving on the wrong side$70.90$99.10$170
Wrong way on one-way$70.90$99.10$170
Following to closely$70.90$99.10$170
No operator's license$70.90$99.10$170
Unrestraint Child$110$99$209
Unrestraint Driver$70$99$169
Unapproved window coating$70$99$169
Invalid MVI sticker$45$99$144
Invalid Registration$45$66$111
All defective Equipment$45$99$144
Driving without headlights$45$99$144
All Building Permits$161$61$222
No Garage Sale Permits$110$66$176
Curfew / Loiter (City ordinance)$110$66$176
Leash law (City ordinance)$70$61$131
Handicapped parking violation$460$40$500
Parking Violation
Improper Parking
(Parking zone, parking after hours)
Additional Violations
Loud music (City ordinance)$110$66$176
Failure to control speed$70.90$99.10$170
Cell phone usage in school zone$77.90$124.10$202
Racing on the highway (Contesting for speed)$115.90$99.10$215
Overtaking / passing school bus$215.90$124.10
No proof of liability insurance$215.90$66$281
Accident involving damage to vehicle$215.90$99.10$315
Public Intoxication / Assault$215$66$281
DUI Class C$215.90$99.10$315
Disorderly Conduct / Theft$215$66$281
Possession of drug paraphernalia$215$99$314
Failure to identify$215$66$281
Minor in possession of alcoholic beverages$215$66$281
Open Container$215.90$66.10$282
Speeding$99.10$55.90 (for the first 10 miles)
$3 (added for each additional mile)
Please verify with the judge