As library services increase and paid staff remains at a fixed level, the Library must come to rely more heavily on dependable volunteer staff. Such reliance necessitates that certain guidelines be applied to the acceptance, training and recognition of volunteers. The Library Board encourages individuals and groups to volunteer their time and efforts in the service of the San Benito Public Library.

Guidelines Governing Volunteers at the Public Library

  • Each person requesting to be a volunteer must complete a Volunteer Application Form.
  • Each person accepted as a volunteer must sign a liability waiver.
  • Volunteers must complete a time sheet each time volunteer hours are completed.
  • Volunteers should call the library anytime they are unable to be at the library as scheduled.
  • Volunteers will be assigned work schedules and duties that best fit their needs and interests and the needs of the library.
  • Volunteers will be under the supervision of the library director of the other designated staff member.