Cultural Arts Department

The Department of Cultural Arts works to strengthen the quality of life in San Benito by promoting a family-friendly cultural district that gives residents and visitors alike the chance to experience history, culture, music and art in an authentic way through a variety of cultural activities.

San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum

San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum

250 E. Heywood, San Benito, Texas 78586

Current Exhibitiondanville

The San Benito Cultural Arts Department continues to work with regional artists to bring quality programming to the City of San Benito and the surrounding areas. “Recent Works” by nationally renowned artist Danville Chadbourne is a colorful exhibition inspired by nature. It explores how the artist transforms organic materials, found objects and woodwork into poetic, and mesmerizing works of art. The exhibit bridges ecology and art, and is in dialogue with the Rio Grande Valley’s biodiversity and natural resources. One of our continued missions for the San Benito Cultural Arts Department is to create a collaborative environment that promotes, encourages, and shares the narratives of our region. Danville Chadbourne’s work adds to the conversation and inspires us to be more curious, and observant of the natural world around us - perhaps it will reveal aspects of ourselves.

Museum Information

Monday - Friday: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Every second Thursday of the month: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Admission Fees:

  •  Adults                     $4.00
  • Seniors 55+             $3.00                       
  •  Students                 $2.00
  • Veterans                   Free                              
  • Children Under 10    Free

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Brochures & Information

Approved informational brochures and publications are welcome for placement by merchants and organizations.

  • San Benito Historical Sites (PDF)
  • San Benito City Map (PDF)


Volunteer workers are welcome to assist in the operations of this center. To volunteer your time and talent, please call 956-361-3804 Ext. 418.

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