Digester Sludge Provisions

Sludge Provisions Testing Requirements

Toxicity characteristics Leaching Procedures (TCLP) test and PCB’s test are required annually for Table I (Ceiling Concentration) Table II (Cumulative pollutant loading rate) (pounds per area) Table III (monthly average concentrations) (milligrams per kilogram) are all tested as required on a quarterly basis in conjunction with the sludge, soil and sludge mixture.

Bio-Monitoring Coordination

Wastewater personnel coordinate the Bio-Monitoring sampling, flow readings and calculations and are sent to an out source Bio-Aquatics for analysis.

Grit & Belt Press Dewatered Bio-Solids

Grit and belt pass dewatered bio-solids will be picked up and hauled off by a Licensed Landfill or Land Application contracted company either BFI or Enviroganics.