Winter Visitors

An aerial view of San Benito

Winter Texans accounted for 127,000 annual visitors valley-wide representing 63,500 households, with an annual economic impact of $420 million. The average Winter Texan is:

  • Married
  • 68.4 years old
  • Has an average income of $47,800
  • Has 13.9 years of education

The valley has more than 500 Recreational Vehicle Parks that are home to Winter Visitors from mostly mid-western states, during their three to five month stay in the valley. Other winter visitors own their winter homes, or rent. Fun-n-Sunday Resort park in San Benito is home to some 3,000 visitors each year. The park is now undergoing expansion to accommodate additional spaces.

(Source: University of Texas Pan American)

Mexican National Visitors

Mexican National Visitors account for over 20 million annual regional crossings with an annual economic impact of more than $1 billion. The average Mexican National Visitor is:

  • Married
  • 41.5 years old
  • Has average income of 34,877 pesos
  • Employed in retail, professional, business services or education
  • From Reynosa, Matamoros or Monterrey
  • Spends an average of $5,300 / household in the valley

Mexican Nationals visit the valley year ‘round for shopping and visiting, but come in the greatest numbers during Holy Week before Easter and during the late summer months. Many have homes in the valley, and others own or rent vacations homes on South Padre Island or elsewhere. (Source: University of Texas Pan American)