We hope: to improve your access to City information, that you will be able to participate in City events, and that you communicate with the City. The following information is meant to continue the transparency of the City of San Benito., and we ask that you contact us if you have any questions or requests.

Requesting Public Information

Official City of San Benito 
Open Records Request Form

The Texas Public Information Act (Open Records Act) is in Texas Government Code chapter 552. The Act assures that all persons have equal access to public information held by the City of San Benito. Most requests for information involve only three steps.

Your Request:

1. Complete the Open Records Request Form  Open Records Request Form
2. You may send the form by mail, fax or e-mail to the contact information on the form.
3. Describe clearly what document or information you are requesting.

Our Response:

Requests are answered by City staff as soon as practicable, in the order received. The law allows City staff up to 10 business days after the date we receive your request for a response. City staff may contact you to seek clarification of your request. Please note: some information may be withheld based on prior legal precedent which will be stated within the City's response. In other cases a letter may be sent to the Texas Attorney General requesting a ruling on whether the information requested is public information.The City is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy a request or to comply with a standing request for information.

Estimates and Deposits:

If City staff estimate that satisfying your request will cost $50 or more, a written estimate will be provided to you. By law you have ten days to either reply accepting the charges, or to narrow your request or to withdraw your request. Your request is automatically withdrawn if you do not reply within ten days. If staff estimates that your request will cost $100 or more, a written estimate will be provided to you and a deposit of 50% of the estimated costs will be required.

Financial Transparency

The State Comptrollers Office has awarded the City of San Benito its platinum award for meeting online financial transparency criteria. 2015 is the second year the City has received this award.
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The Financial information presented below about the City is provided to keep citizens and other stakeholders informed about the financial condition and activities of the City.