Purpose and Duties

The City of San Benito Traffic and Safety Board shall be an advisory body. The purposes of the board shall be to maintain a continuous study of the Public Safety conditions in San Benito from which to make recommendations to the City Commission from time to time designed to improve such traffic conditions by the reduction and elimination of traffic accident, injuries and deaths. The board shall also institute and maintain a continuous campaign of safety education to the general public. Nothing herein shall be construed as vesting said board with any authority or rights to interfere with or otherwise regulate or control any of the administrative functions in any departments of the City government. 

The general public is encouraged to contact the local police department Traffic and Safety Board Liaison regarding any inquiries and/ or issues that need be addressed by the police department or the City of San Benito Traffic and Safety Board. The Board Liaison, Captain Michael Cortez can be reached at his office of (956) 361-3880 ext. 201, or at his email of mcortez@cityofsanbenito.com.