Vacation Watch Request


Residents who live within the San Benito city limits, may submit a Vacation Watch Request whenever they will be away from their home for more than two days but no more than seven days.  By completing a Vacation Watch Request form, San Benito Police Officers who patrol your area will be notified of your departure and will provide an extra patrol by your home while you are away.  A Vacation Watch Request longer than seven days will require approval from a Patrol Supervisor.     

The quickest way to submit the request is to fill out the online form below. If you prefer, you may contact our dispatch office and have an Officer go to your residence to take the request.  Please submit your requests at least 3 days prior to your departure date to ensure officers receive them in time.

If you are unsure whether you live within the San Benito city limits, contact our dispatch office and they will assist you. The dispatch office can be reached at (956) 361-3880.  (Please note, the San Benito Police Department cannot guarantee that extra patrols will keep your home from being damaged or burglarized.  Be sure to notify the police if you return earlier than scheduled.)    

Vacation Watch Request

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