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 This information is required by Civil Service Statue 143.023 and the Civil Service Rules for Police Officers and Fire Fighters of the City of San Benito. Please complete the below listed form to register for Entry Level Police Officer testing to be held on July 14, 2022. 

Entry Level Police Officer Registration Form - July 14, 2022 Test Date

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    If your answers to the first three questions are “No” or if your answers to the last two questions are “Yes” you may not be certified for a beginning position in the San Benito Police Department. 

  4. Thank you for your interest in our Entry Level Police Officer Testing. A police recruiter or member of Human Resources will contact you within 72 hours of completing this registration. If within 72 hours you have not received contact, please call Detective David Rodriguez at (956) 361-3880 ext. 206. 

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