Narcotics Division

The San Benito Police Department conducts specialized investigations to combat the possession and spread of illegal narcotic activity throughout our community. We do this by listening to the community and partnering with local and federal agencies to investigate the trafficking of illegal drugs into the City of San Benito. During the course of these investigations arrests are made and the drugs are seized along with the illegal proceeds which are usually in monetary or property forms. Some of the property such as vehicles, electronics, jewelry, and houses are auctioned and the money generated from the proceeds is used to buy equipment and for specialized training to continue in the prevention of illegal drugs within our city. 

Do you have information on illegal narcotic activity in San Benito?

If so, please contact the San Benito Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at (956) 361-3880 to help us rid our community of narcotics and safeguard those who live here. 

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