K-9 Service Dogs

K-9 Service Dogs

There is currently one Police Service Dog. At present the unit’s dog is a male German Shepherd. This particular breed of dog is ideal for police duty due to their size, intelligence, agility and personality. Our dogs are purchased when they are 18 to 24 months old with an expected career span of eight to ten years before being retired.

Each handler and dog must successfully complete a two week training course and are certified by the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association. In addition to the traditional police functions provided by the Canine Officers they are also available for, school programs, social / civic functions and public demonstrations.

K9 Memorial

Copper, a Belgian Malinois, was retired in late November 2012 after ten years with the department. After careful consideration by city administrators, he was adopted by a local family. He passed away in 2013. May he rest in peace.


Two year old Chuy arrived December 2012 at the department after spending two weeks training with his handler Officer.