Animal Control

Mission Statement

To Promote responsible pet ownership through education and enforcement of the City of San Benito Animal Control Ordinance.

Primary Responsibilities

Bite incident investigations take priority over all other responsibilities. Animal Control Officers are also responsible for patrolling the city on a daily basis in an effort to address animals running at large and to remove dead animal carcasses. San Benito Animal Control officers also work in conjunction with their San Benito Police Department counterparts in the detection and investigation of cruelty to animal cases. Cases of animal cruelty should be reported to the San Benito Police Department at (956) 361-3880.

Rabies Clinic

The San Benito Animal Control Division also works to coordinate multiple Rabies Clinics throughout the year to educate and foster responsible pet ownership. Low cost vaccinations will be offered at Fire Station No. 1 at 1201 S. Sam Houston, San Benito, TX. Contact the Animal Control Division for dates.

Contact Us

Javier Coronado, Animal Services Technician

Email Javier Coronado

Animal Control Reporting / Dispatch

(956) 361-3880

Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies

Email Police Dispatch for Animal Control Service Requests

Please include your name, address, call back phone number and nature of your call / request. 

Animal Control Request For Service

  1. Please leave your phone number so the Animal Control Division may contact you if necessary. 

  2. Please place your address or the location of where the Animal Control Division Officer is needed. 

  3. Please provide information as to what type of call description you are reporting. Animal in a trap, animal bite, loose animals, animal cruelty...etc.

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